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Women Are Safe


Teach Early

Growing a group of men who are interested in promoting non-violence and are willing to commit to actively engaging the community with this effort.

Men Against Domestic Violence



Teach Early

Violent behavior is learned, and men have the power to teach boys that violence towards women is wrong. Men – fathers, brothers, coaches, teachers, uncles and mentors – are in a unique position to help prevent domestic violence. They can educate tomorrow’s men through action and through conversation. A powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign entitled Teach Early, developed by the Family Violence Prevention Fund and The Advertising Council, invites men to start conversations with boys about how they treat girls and women.

Domestic violence affects the lives of women, children and families. Women lead most efforts to end abuse. Men know that domestic violence is wrong, but for too long many men haven’t seen a role for themselves in solving the problem.

The Men’s Campaign encourages men to help stop domestic violence. Men can teach boys that violence against women is wrong and, together, we can work to end abuse.

Family Violence Prevention Fund